301 Ways to Have Fun at Work

    Do you wish work was more fun?

    101 Tips for Telecommuters

    Do you ever struggle with the unique challenges of telecommuting?

    10 Steps to Successful Teams

    Would you like to learn the best way to coach teams to success?

    10 Steps to Successful Coaching

    Would you like to learn the best way to coach leaders to success?

    301 More Ways To Have Fun At Work

    Do you wish work was more fun?

    A Simpler Way

    How can we make life less arduous and more delightful?

    A Peacock in the Land of Penguins

    Do you ever feel like a peacock in a land of penguins? Wonder what to do about standing out?

    A Complaint Is a Gift

    A completely revised and updated edition of one of the first books to show that customer complaints are actually valuable sources...

    A Higher Standard of Leadership

    Would you like to know the secrets of Gandhi's inspirational leadership style?

    Abolishing Performance Appraisals

    Have you ever questioned the practice of performance appraisals? Would you like to know a better way?

    Accidental Genius

    Would you like to learn a simple, easy technique for unlocking your creative powers?

    A Company Discovers Its Soul

    Are you seeking real, profound change for your company, that goes beyond the buzzwords?

    Advanced Supply Chain Management

    Would you like to know the four levels of accomplishment that separate successful firms from the "wannabes"?

    Action Inquiry

    Are you looking for a quick and reliable way to transform your company?


    What if every employee had a true sense of ownership for his/her job?

    All Rise

    Do you wish everyone had the same level of dignity regardless of rank?

    Analysis for Improving Performance

    How can you design Performance Improvement programs that perfectly match your organization?

    Appreciative Inquiry (Audio)

    Would you like a concise introduction to a practice that focuses on building strengths rather than fixing weaknesses?

    Be a Sales Superstar

    Do you want to get better appointments and close more sales faster than ever before?

    Attracting Perfect Customers

    Rather than warring for customers, wouldn't you prefer to strategically attract them?

    Be BIG

    Are you tired of being small- do you want to expand to your fullest potential?

    Artful Work

    Do you think work become better and more fulfilling when you approach it artistically?

    Appreciative Intelligence

    Would you like to develop appreciative intelligence and spread it throughout your organization?

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